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Microsoft Surface Pro with SSD and Intel core i5

Thumbnail Microsoft Surface Pro with SSD and Intel core i5

News release from Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 Pro on February 9 this. Many website published reviews Surface Pro details and specifications.

  • Surface Pro looks very similar to the Surface RT, the same size but the Pro heavier and the screen resolution (1080p to 1366x768).
  • Surface Pro is targeted to compete with ultrabook, rather than compete with the tablet. Be considered against the price of the Ultrabook, but should touch / type cover with the series should not sell themselves.
  • Surface Pro completed Core i5-3317 Ivy Bridge CPU as the 17-watt (not the SDP 7 Watts according to the news).
  • Surface Pro is a full SSD eMMC USB 3.0 ports and a built-in, so its performance compared to a notebook, do not compared with the tablet.
  • Surface Pro with 2 fans blowing on it to orient a mobile user. And small vents. At the rear edge.
  • Surface Pro with a pen attached to the machine with magnetic. Touch / type cover as well as the Surface RT.
  • Surface Pro is a significant problem for the lifetime of the battery is 5 hours, which is against the tablet and ultrabook is difficult. This problem will not go away on Intel Haswell and we can use the Surface Pro 2.

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